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Let’s Get Practical… with ACIM Transformational Videos

Whatever your question, there is a solution!

Does your happiness seem to come and go?
Do you ever feel stuck, unhappy, or dissatisfied, and don’t know why?
Are you looking for material for A Course in Miracles daily lessons?
Are you looking for a better way to understand ACIM study groups?
Are you looking for change that lasts?
Do you want real solutions to your problems?
“If you find the world to be a struggle or a series of unending challenges, resign now as your own teacher.”
~David Hoffmeister

Join David Hoffmeister, author and A Course in Miracles expert, as he supports your growth with ACIM Transformational Videos.

Watch this deep Q&A series with David Hoffmeister

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Who Is David Hoffmeister?

Modern-day mystic David Hoffmeister is known around the world for his joyful presence and clear, uncompromising teachings. He is often referred to as “the how” to Awakening. Truth pours through effortlessly, answering the deepest questions in a profound and practical way. He is a living demonstration of the fact that life without unhappiness, stress, and worry is not only possible, but inevitable to those who are willing to apply the teachings in these ACIM Transformational Videos. David is the bridge for the serious seeker!

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