You have been exerting a lot of mind energy trying to find love, freedom, happiness, and peace in the wrong direction: the world. Put all of your trust in the Spirit, and look closely and honestly at where your mind energy goes.

What are you invested in? What are you putting your trust in? Nutrition, economics, being liked? A Course in Miracles teaches us, that to find lasting peace and happiness, we must start to withdraw our attention and focus from the thoughts of this world—the ego belief system—and start reinvesting our trust in that which will bring true fruition, true peace of mind. What is true happiness? It is not found in this world.

You are entitled to peace, happiness, and joy; but you have forgotten who you are and are looking to the world for these things. The Holy Spirit is calling you out of this world and its belief system. This is the only worthy cause to put your mind energy into.

It is one thing to say the words, “I trust you Holy Spirit and I want to hear you.” But most of the work with A Course in Miracles is taking a very close, honest look at the idea of, What have I invested in? It isn’t even a matter of having more trust.

You can run a “guilt trip” on yourself even for that. For example, “I don’t have enough trust, I need to trust more.” It isn’t so much a more-or-less-thing, but it is withdrawing our belief and trust in the ego’s belief system and instead trusting in guidance.